With our 3 bases (Mojito, Raspberry Mojito and a mix of ginger, lime and cucumber) you can make dozens of different cocktails by varying the alcohols (or not), adding fresh fruit or adding a soft. Here are a few examples:

Non-alcoholic aperitif:

  • Virgin Mojiberry (Raspberry Mojito with sparkling water, and/or lemonade)
  • Virgin Belgian Mule (mix ginger cucumber with sparkling water and/or ginger ale)
  • Virgin Mojito (with sparkling water and/or a touch of lemonade)

People are increasingly looking for exciting but healthier alternatives when not drinking alcohol. Experience has shown that alcohol-free aperitifs work very well.

Cocktails with alcohol

  • Moscow Mule (our ginger mix, cucumber, lime) (+ vodka + sparkling water)
  • Belgian Mule (our mix of ginger, cucumber, lime) (+ gin + sparkling water)
  • Classic Mojito (Mojito + white Rum)
  • Lillet Mojito (Mojito + Lillet)
  • Special Mojito (Mojito + amber or spicy or agricultural rum)
  • Royal Mojito (Mojito + White Rum and Cava)
  • Mojiberry (Raspberry Mojito + White Rum)
  • Raspberry Gin Fizz (Mojiberry + gin)
  • Piscoberry (Pisco, Mojiberry, Tonic)