Want a real cockail but don’t have the time or talent to prepare it?
Now there is DRINK iT FReSH for all your special moments.
A fresh and 100% natural cocktail by you, at home, and in all simplicity!

An organic & craft cocktail mixer

  • Each bag contains all the ingredients perfectly dosed to make 1 perfect cocktail / mocktail
  • For sale per pack of 3 bags
  • For large quantities see the section “Professionnals


Always available

Available at any time, he’s waiting for you in the freezer to surprise your guests with an spontaneous cocktail! 

A piece of cake

Perfectly dosed and elaborated with mixologists, your cocktail party is always guaranteed!


No more need to run to find all the ingredients… And everything is provided in the exact quantities.


You don’t spend your evening in the kitchen making cocktails for your guests…

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