Make the best cocktails faster, easier
and without the constraints of fresh products.

Two types of packages

Do you need small amount of cocktail? Then choose our individual bags!

  • Each bag contains all the ingredients for a cocktail
  • Ideal for fluctuating currents and unexpected events
  • Sold per box of 20 bags

Do you have to prepare a lot or even enormous numbers of cocktails? It is possible thanks to our “XL box”. 

  • Each box contains 40 to 50 cocktails (depending on the size of the cocktail)
  • Portioning is done with an ice shovel or a knife
  • Up to 3 cocktails / bartender / minute



up to 6X faster = additional sales of 720€ / hour / bartender


no experience required = 14€ / hour saved with a student

No loss

Unsold goods are kept frozen = 0€ of losses

More sales

up to + 30% more sales because of consistent quality

For who ?


Music festivals, aperitifs, events of all kinds …

Small or big events, preparing and selling good cocktails is a challenge! The staff is often inexperienced , time is short and there are often kilos of raw materials left to throw away at the end.
DRINK IT FRESH will allow you to boost your sales and control your costs by avoiding waste!


Restaurants, bars, brasseries, nightclubs, …

Often the rush during the service and the frequent staff turnover does not always allow us to offer a constant quality. If you have a group of guests, you would like to offer the same cocktail perfectly prepared to everyone.
With DRINK IT FRESH you can prepare excellent cocktails in less than 30 seconds!


Difficult to have permanent staff behind the bar, and often they need “multifunctional” staff to insure both the reception and the bar, so they lack skills.
DRINK IT FRESH allows you to offer your customers a varied cocktail menu without having to recruit a bartender with 10 years of experience.


For you, caterers, it is not always easy to adapt to the different environments and requirements of your customers!
DRINK IT FRESH allows you to offer a multitude of cocktails thanks to our 3 tastes that can be infinitely varied. No matter the size of the event, with zero waste and no need for additional staff.

Convinced ?