Drink it Fresh cocktails have been awarded by the prestigious International Taste Institute!

We are very proud to announce that our “mojito” cocktail received the excellent score of 91.6% in the sensory evaluation assigned by the prestigious « International Taste Institute »! As a result, this mojito is granted the most renowned “Superior Taste Award” certification. This award is a prestigious recognition of the best food and drinks based on… Read More

5 refreshing cocktails perfect for spring

Spring arrived last weekend. The season where the weather becomes warmer, and the flowers and plants start to grow again. Before you know it, it will be time for picnics, barbecues and outside aperitifs. These occasions call for a drink. More specifically, a super tasty  and 100% natural cocktail or mocktail! We listed down 5… Read More

Take the winter atmosphere to your home with these 5 winter cocktails

This year’s end-of-year celebrations will look different for most people compared to previous years. Sitting together at a long table with the whole family or with friends is no longer self-evident. Luckily, there are still many options to enjoy the festive season during corona as well. One of these options is the preparation of winter… Read More

5 brands providing exciting non-alcoholic aperitifs

Have you ever been in the situation of attending an event, or just wanting to grab a drink at a bar, but you could not find an exciting non-alcoholic drink? Unfortunately, the range of alcohol-free beverages can be quite limited and is often no wider than a sugary industrial soda, a fruit juice, or just… Read More

5 reasons to put alcohol-free cocktails on your menu

The success of non-alcoholic drinks has been on the rise for several years. After the rise of non-alcoholic beers and wines, mocktails (cocktails without alcohol) make their entrance and are becoming a real trend. Moreover, non-alcoholic aperitifs offer a nice amount of benefits for both catering operators and their clients. Here are 5 good reasons… Read More

5 conseils pour rouvrir votre restaurant après le confinement

La crise sanitaire liée au coronavirus que nous traversons actuellement a bouleversé le secteur Horeca, les gouvernements prévoient néanmoins une réouverture progressive des restaurants et des bars. Pour vous aider à préparer cette réouverture voici des conseils pour limiter la propagation du Covid-19 au sein de votre établissement.  Assurer un maximum de distance entre les… Read More

5 tips for organizing a more sustainable event

Events can have a significant impact on the environment (waste overload, environmentally unfriendly transport, etc.). As an event organizer, you can strive to reduce the ecological footprint of your events as much as possible. Here are 5 ways to improve the sustainability of your events:     Reusable straws and cups : Replace your disposable cups by reusable… Read More

Organize a successful event thanks to 4 essential Belgian startups

Are you responsible for organizing an event? For both professional or for private purposes, both a large or a small event; here are 4 Belgian startups you can contact to make your event memorable and successful for your guests:     Carpool to facilitate the transport of your guests? CovEvent! This young startup has created… Read More