The catering industry & events: 4 innovations for the well-being of your customers

Customer satisfaction, and in the end profitability, is the main concern of any business. Hospitality managers and event organizers must therefore respond to the wishes of their customers as well and as quickly as possible. Customers don’t like to wait. But how do you reduce their waiting time? Here are 4 innovative proposals:

  •     Smartphone applications :
    There are several applications that allow customers to place an order and to pay by using their smartphone. The “Miap” application is an example. Download the application, scan the QR-code and order what you want. Outcome: no more queues!
  •     The tablet :
    Exchange the paper menu for the digital tablet. This allows the customer to immediately place an order without having to wait for the waiter and without having to go to the bar himself. In this manner, we save both time and labour. In addition, customers can pay directly via the tablet. The company “Lightspeed” provides restaurant owners with this type of tablet, equipped with various functions to facilitate their daily work.

  •     An artisan cocktail mix :
    Hiring a mixologist (cocktail maker) or gaining experience in this sector is often costly. What if it was possible to make perfect cocktails in 30 seconds? Moreover, these cocktails have a constant taste, you maintain a good margin, you have the certainty of not having any losses, … This is possible thanks to the frozen cocktails of the start-up “Drink it Fresh“, made out of fresh ingredients and 100% natural!

  •     Electronic wristbands :
    Electronic wristbands allow participants to pay for all of their expenses through an electronic wristband, be it entrance fees, drinks or food. This fast and easy payment system offers guests many advantages: shorter waiting times at the checkout, avoiding theft and losing your ticket, tokens or cards, … For event organizers, this technology provides an automatic sales report and inventory management. The Belgian start-up “Emisys” has set up such a hi-tech solution that saves organizers time and offers an extraordinary customer experience.

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