5 tips for organizing a more sustainable event

Events can have a significant impact on the environment (waste overload, environmentally unfriendly transport, etc.). As an event organizer, you can strive to reduce the ecological footprint of your events as much as possible.

Here are 5 ways to improve the sustainability of your events:

  •     Reusable straws and cups :
    Replace your disposable cups by reusable cups! The concept is very simple and also sustainable. Each participant pays a deposit at the start of the event for his / her cup. This cup is used throughout the event, every time one goes to the bar. At the end of the event, the cup will be returned in exchange for a refund of the deposit. Thanks to this system there is a great reduction in the number of cups used, and the amount of waste is limited. Various companies, such as Rekwup and Ecocup, rent out reusable cups. In addition to reusable cups, you can also opt for biodegradable or reusable straws! They come in different sizes and different materials: paper, corn starch, bamboo or stainless steel. These straws are available at Kudzu, Popstraw or Clavie Packaging etc.
  •     Drinks :
    When it comes to drinks, it is preferable to collaborate with local companies. This gives you the possibility to focus on the down payment and in addition, you avoid wasting fresh products. A good example of such a local company is the start-up Drink it Fresh. They offer frozen cocktails made out of fresh and 100% natural ingredients. Since these cocktails are sold in frozen premix bags, this ensures that nothing has to be thrown away at the end of the event. So, one experiences benefits for the environment as well as for your wallet.
  •     Food :
    There are several reasons to opt for local and seasonal dishes: you support the local economy, you limit your impact on the environment (e.g. less pollution from transport), and in addition, seasonal products have the best taste! Examples of local supply networks are the Community-Supported Culture CSA, or directly from our local farmers!
  •     Transport :
    Transport of your guests to your event, especially if they are driving alone, causes pollution. Therefore, encourage the participants to opt for less polluting alternatives; to use public transport, or to carpool, for example by using the online platform CovEvent.
  •     Decor :
    If you want to decorate your event venue, consider designing your setting with reusable elements and recyclable materials. Companies like Konligo offer reusable structures that can be set up in just 10 minutes. Besides saving time, these reusable props are not broken down at the end of the event, which avoids unnecessary waste!

One last advice: do not forget to clearly communicate all eco-responsible actions that you have taken, during your event to your guests. That way, they will be more motivated to participate in your sustainable approach!

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