Who is hiding behind those lemons?

Drink it Fresh is a familial startup based in Brussels.
Its founders are: François Adam, Olivia Lefèvre-Adam, Damien Adam and … Mister George!

François Adam

“Since I was young I have a passion for cooking. I began with pastery. My passion for beverages developped way later! The head full of ideas, it is just recently that I focus full time on my culinary passion and fulfil my will to create natural and innovative products”. Franz (François Adam)

Olivia Lefèvre

“I am a real electric battery who likes to undertake new things. I am working as a senior executive year round. I also give windsurfing lessons as a volunteer. This new gustative  adventure fulfil my envy to innovate and my surplus of energy”. Ol (Olivia Lefèvre)

Damien Adam

“Blooming dady of two young kids my schedule is really tight. So this idea to win time while enjoying a delicious cocktail at home immediately seduced me. My two kids are the first embassadors of Drink it fresh, they love to drink our mixes without alcohol of course :)!” Dams (Damien Adam)

And we are obviously not alone…

There is Vincent for the graphism, Colas for the photographic imagery or Sergio for the cocktails recipes, everyone is investing to support this startup.

Want to be part of the adventure?

You are a student or a young graduate and you are looking for an internship? You are looking for a thesis subject? We are looking for interns to help making the project thrive.

Contact us!